Engineers, Inventors and Entrepreneurs

We must embrace and protect the earth beyond technology and if we creates technology do it in ways that are
compatible with our will to protect earth so please think sustainable, biodiversity and global warming well
we must create ways to counter technology with invention and Engineering and Entrepreneurs. or

Think wise , think inventive!

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Engineers, Inventors And Entrepreneurs

Determine if you have Intellectual Property, is it? an Invention that is Patentable then apply for a patent, which
can be either a Utility or Design patent , if its not valid as a patent it might be worthy of a Trade secret with
a degree of secret within your organization for marketability worthy of manufacture therefore anything that is novel and a new type device, apparatus, chemical or process technology then most likely consider patents first.
If you can also consider establishing a Trademark for your Business and device, tie in your Trademark with your
device to establish your Branding and Culture for your products. Create viable Sell Sheets to be sent to market your
manufactured product or seek a manufacturer first send a Nondisclosure agreement prior to seeking licensing with a
manufacturer. The licensing will form an agreement either exclusive and non-exclusive , its best to try for a nonexclusive license which gives the Inventor a chance to sell to many manufacturer’s for profit.
Exclusive means you have given one manufacturer total control and binding you from doing business with other manufacturer’s for profit! Business is business and therefore whether you are a inventor or engineer , entrepreneur
you must learn to protect your property rights and intellectual property rights as well. The next thing is knowing
how to valuate your business or new product for profit. We can help you help yourself to self patent as to doing your patent drawings, patent searches(to know if you have a new invention or just a product that already exist), Business
Plans, Operations manuals for your business even Small Business/Residential Drawed Plans visit

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Enginineers, Inventors and Entrepreneurs

You may connect with us via , (International Society Of Product Design Engineers/Entrpeneurs) or at, we also are trying to connect
inventors and entrepreneurs in need of services from professionals including our company that are trying to
keep cost down to form a network with service providers with a similar mission as ours.

Most companies have large R/D Departments in which some call them R/D or Product Development and Engineering
or some similar name however for the small independent inventor or entrepreneur cost is always the major factor
in product development for Patenting or prototyping, short production runs ,business planning & marketing , fulfillment and shipping or travel.

The America Invent Act became a major factor when congress approve it beyond being resolutions in the House
and Senate however this law did not help or become a champion for small inventors or entrepreneurs but a deterent
to their success by increasing cost to patenting, lost of first to invent rights by an inventor and also the right
of small inventors to challenge large Companies that have infringed on their patent rights by making them pay the
cost of court if a small inventor or smaller company lost in the court and the Attorney Fees of the thought to be
infringer .

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Engineers, Inventors and Entrepreneurs

Granville T. Woods was an American Inventor born Columbus, Ohio to Martha Brown and Cyrus Woods, he studied Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in College from 1876-1878. was considered an articulate speaker . Woods received patents for the Multiplex Telegraph and reorganized his Cincinati company as the Woods Electric Company.
Granville was also credited with inventing the Third rail to power Electric Cable cars/Trollies.( This Article in Wiki had some valuable truths but also some short comings in that it
indicated that Thomas Edison invented the third rail and George Westinghouse the air break, but factual decent
is that Thomas Edison challenged Granville in court but lost the Infringement suit which gave Granville credit
for it.
Well today you have Patent Trolls , Individuals and Companies buying patents only to anticipate filing
patent Infringement suit for capitalization and not the commercial value of the invention itself. Thinking
in a Project Engineering or Management role as using questionnaires to define risk of the New Product
would include Outlining sections including:

Part 1: Project and Product Engineering
A) Requirements with specification
B) Design evaluation
C) Test evaluate, review specification-confirm
D) Test, Integrate and Modify if necessary
E) Categorize as to Engineering Discipline

Part 2: Environmental Development For:
A) Develop Process
B) Develop Product or System
C) Manage work Environment(Individually or Team)

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Engineers, Inventors and Entrepreneurs

In newsletter (David Hartline, June 22,2016) the Digital Millennium Copyright Act(DMCA) protects online service providers from copyright piracy, however the weak side is how much information about piracy on its website to be protected, accordingly the Second circuit court further weaken the law giving the service provider more protection than the actual copyright owner it is serving as in the case with , Capital Records V Vimeo case related.
International Society Of Product Design Engineers/Entrepreneurs are member of United Inventors Association , as well as International Association of Engineers , also visit our website: and there you can request services or review references.

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Engineers, Inventors and Entrepreneurs

With recent changes within this year how patents will be acceptable for the Inventors rights which have severely been bruised for the rights of the inventor, we have moved
from a first to invent status to a role contested patents which will definitely have an
impact on Patent infringement matter or extensive legal expenses where the Patent
Trolls or big companies will try stilling your intellectual Property and Patents only to threaten you with Counter suits and their legal expense bill if you loose the Infringement
suit in the Federal Court of Appeals for the Fifth circuit where Inventors must file their
legal matter and petition or writ. Now we are known as a First Inventor to File Country and Not a “First to Invent country” as we had been since the U.S. Patent system was established to protect inventors regardless of being  Small Independent Inventors.

The Act which now  is  a Law or Statute started out and Sponsored by Senator
Patrick Leahy(D-VT.) and Reprentative Lamar Smith(R-TX)  and now only Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal or supreme Court can review cases out of the U.S. Patent office related to Patent Infringement. Small Independent inventors will definitely be the looser in subsequent litigation in this area of Law.

We are now comparable in scope to others and the European Union which we will see more intellectual property matters coming into Courts in England, France and Germany similar
mention is the Eli Lilly Vs Actis Group in which the English Courts asserted their Jurisdiction on the matter, never contesting Eli Lilly Patents but whether Actis Group had rights to Market their Goods of similarity.
Visit our site for useful reference info:

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Engineers, Inventors and Entrepreneurs

Become  familiar with R/D techniques and How to realize the importance of Observation which can be done visually  by  checking features of other product types, toolings and features that propose valuable assets of  New Product Development.  What should you invent or develop? Do surveys of needs and assessments to conclude the design parameters that will dictate appearance as well as a functions next look at what these parameters will add in value such as prestigious functions and appearance which can set the Guidance of  deciding the cost of manufacturing, sale of the product based on demand , appearance or functions which are called Marketable Value.

Terminologies are important aspects to product development such as: Prototyping(Design/single product manufacture or crafting) Request For Manufacturing(Small Lots and large copies of the prototype for sale) or Production,Marketing to look for ways to sell products using  Distribution based on Consignment arrangements or pre-authorized contracts as well as Mail order, Retail outlets and shipping to various Distributors  or manufacturers  who might be licensee(Companies  who have paid the inventor to the rights of his products).

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Engineers, Inventors and Entrepreneurs

ENG. Support, Inventor Support, Entrepreneur Support

Engineering Support

Please review our site and Blog for Updates and Reference in the areas Of Technical Sales/Entrepreneurship, Inventor Support, Technical writing, Design Engineer: alternative Energy (CHIPS and Solar etc.).

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